Joe Dutch
Joe Dutch

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Mike Fishpen is a professional Chef and runs a 'Personal Chef Services' that provides fantastic, fresh, top restaurant quality food in the privacy of people’s homes and board rooms.

Here is Mike’s amazing family Biltong recipe that he shared with us. For more information about Mike and the service he provides visit


2.5kg good quality topside of beef with a little fat on it.
150g Malden sea salt
Crushed black pepper: a good grinding all over the meat
40/80g of demerera sugar (depending on how sweet you want the biltong to be)
30grams crushed brown coriander seeds.
2 teaspoons smoked paprika
250ml/ 300ml malt vinegar


1.  When cutting the meat, remove as much connective tissue and fat as possible. (A little fast is good) (Cut into 8/10 strips so that it will fit nicely in the machine)
2.  Cut meat about 3/4cm thick, rub in all the above dry ingredients into the strips of meat.

3.  Place the meat strips in a suitable container (if its metal line with Clingfilm.)
4.  Sprinkle the brown vinegar over and leave overnight. 


1.  Dip the strips of meat rapidly in warm vinegar water (125ml vinegar to 2.5l warm water) to remove surface salt.
2.  Use the Luvele stainless steel hooks and hang the strips of meat apart, they must not touch!

3.  2 days on setting 1 on the Luvele Biltong Maker, and the biltong will be wet but very yummy!
4.  3 days on setting 1, and the biltong will be drier, don’t leave it longer than 3 days.



Recipe refined and shared by Mike Fishpen Personal Chef. Visit his website:



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