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Barb Hodgens
Barb Hodgens

Barb Hodgens loves to cook alternative, healthy whole food cooking with a focus on gut health, SCD & GAPS diets. Barbs has also been able to overcome her own gut health issues through her journey into alternative eating. Please share your ideas, comments and photos at the end of this post :)

homemade coconut yogurt

The easiest vegan yogurt to make.

If you love plant-based yogurt you are sure to be thrilled with this new vegan, nut milk recipe because it’s just so quick and easy to make. The ingredients are simply cashews, water and gut loving bacteria. Tenderising the cashews with a short pre-soak makes it easy to turn them into milk. With the Vibe Blender System you’ll get silky smooth milk in under a minute. There’s no straining or squeezing pulp, heating or adding thickeners to get a sumptuous result.

Homemade cashew yogurt is super creamy and has all the wonderful tang of a dairy yogurt. Whether you’re dairy-free, vegan, or just looking to change up your breakfast routine, you’ll love this yogurt. Cashew yogurt can be used in any dish that calls for dairy yogurt. We served ours with a lovely homemade cherry and chia jam.

homemade cashew yogurt


Unlike animal milk, nut milk doesn’t naturally contain sugar. The Yogurt starter culture need something to feed on to allow the culturing process to take place. One teaspoon of sugar or one tablespoon of pasteurised honey is enough to kick start fermentation. Raw honey may have an antibiotic effect and is therefore not suitable for making yogurt.


You will need a yogurt starter culture or probiotic to introduce the fermentation of bacteria to your cashew milk. Use the amount of starter culture indicated on the packet or one dose of probiotic.

homemade cashew yogurt


2 ½ cups raw cashews
4 cups of warm water for soaking
2 ½ cups filtered water for blending
1 teaspoon of white sugar (for the bacteria)
Dairy-free yogurt starter culture 



1.   Cover the cashews with filtered water and let them soak for 1-4 hours. If you don’t have a high-speed blender such as the Vibe Blender System a longer soaking time is advisable.
2.   Drain and rinse the cashews under running tap water. Tap to remove as much excess water as possible.

3.   Add the cashews and the filtered water into the Vibe blender jug.
4.   Secure the lid on the jug and then blend on ‘smoothie’ mode for 60 seconds or until the cashew milk is silky smooth.

homemade cashew yogurt steps

   Add the sugar and starter culture. Blend for a few seconds to incorporate.

6.   Pour the cashew milk into a sterile yogurt making jar.
7.   Secure the lid on then place the glass yogurt jar into your yogurt maker.  
8.   Pour water slowly into the base. The water must not be filled over the ‘tall line’ indicated on the inside wall of the maker.
9.   Place the cover lid on top. The milk is now ready to begin fermentation.
10.  Use the digital control panel to set the temperature to 38° C (100° F), the time to between 12 and 24-hours and then press ‘confirm’ to begin incubation. A longer fermentation will result in a tarter tasting yogurt. 

homemade coconut yogurt

  After 12 - 24 hours the fermentation is complete. Note, condensation will have collected under the cover lid. Please take care removing it and allow the water to drip into the water bath, instead of your bench! Switch the yogurt maker off and remove the yogurt jar. Straight from the maker the yogurt will be runny and warm.

12.  Place the jar in the fridge for at least 6 hours to chill and set.


homemade cashew yogurt

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